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31 Text/Online Breakdowns

This is the absolute meat and potatoes of this program. The reason you're here. The reason why anyone should be here. 31 Full Texting Breakdowns from Cold Approach, Hinge, and Tinder. Not only are you going to be learning so many valuable lessons in each of these texting breakdowns but you're going to ACTUALLY be able to just straight up STEAL THESE LINES!

In these 31 breakdowns you're going to be able to see all of the best openers, the follow ups, the conversations, and closes from guys who absolutely CRUSH it with online game and texting girls they meet through cold approach.

The best way to use this course is to go through it, take notes, and anytime you're struggling with a text message conversation, just hop on the course, scroll through a video and...

Module 1
Texting Foundations:
The absolute foundations of effective text game. This will be the basis of how to run text game that makes sure that even if you really struggle with women, they will never able to tell. You'll learn how to text like any other natural guy who's been hooking up with girls his whole life.
Module 2
Humor, Wit, Standing Out:
Women are getting hounded down online by desperate men. This module will teach you how to spark her interest and how to stand out from the other men. Online dating is all about being witty and funny. Funny lines, playful teasing, this is what wins and we're gonna teach you hot to do it.
Module 3
Hot Girl Game:
Hot Girls have the best game on planet earth. Why? Because they have more abundance than you could ever imagine. It sounds crazy, but this module will teach you how to have the best game on planet earth just like hot girls.
Module 4
Day Of Date:
The 4th quarter is where so many guys fumble the ball. You matched online, you've been talking, the date is planned for Wednesday. Now it's Wednesday, do I just show up to the bar, do I text to confirm, what do I do!?!? You'll find out in this module.
Module 5
Ultimate Texting Checklist:
This module is going to teach you the three questions you have to ask yourself before sending any text. This module is so profound that if you just ask these three questions before any text, you can never go wrong.
Profile Mastery
Helping you to make sure that you aren't screwing up all of your chances with women by having a shit profile. We're gonna optimize your photos and your bio.
It's one thing for me to tell you all of the tactics you'll need in order to text women but it's another thing for me to SHOW you. So many text courses and videos out there giving you nothing but mindsets about how to text girls, awesome bro. I get it. Be confident. Thanks for nothing.

What we've done here is revolutionary. I have teamed up with two absolute Online Game Assassins to bring you the most comprehensive all-encompassing texting course ever created, Panty Soaking Texts. This course included full breakdowns of texting conversations that were initiated from Tinder, Hinge, and Cold Approach Pickup. 
Literally. I'm serious. This is the most valuable way for you to learn. You're going to be able to peak over our shoulders and watch the way we text women from Tinder, Hinge, and Cold Approach and get them to come over. You'll see the openers, the engaging conversation, the closing, and everything in-between.

Right now it probably feels like you're spinning your wheels trying to figure this all out. Now, you can just see what's working, and copy it. It's that simple.
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Obviously one day soon this will be obsolete but right now, you NEED this. Ameer, one of our Online Game Assassins has cracked the code for how to get past girls not wanting to meet up because of Corona Virus. You'll be shocked to see what most guys are doing wrong, and what you're going to do to make pandemic sex seamless.


You're already receiving the breakdowns from all three coaches on this program but just as important as seeing what "TO DO" is seeing what "NOT TO DO" so I had some students from my Secret Mastermind submit some failed conversations for me to breakdown.


Adam, one of our Online Game Assassins has cracked the code for getting more matches on HINGE. He's going to be showing you exactly what you need to do and say to get the opportunity to meet more women. More matches = more opportunity to run your Panty Soaking Text Game and thus you'll get laid more. Plain and simple.


I have been coaching now for over 3.5 years. Without fail, I can honestly say that one of the most common issues I have seen amongst my students is a difficulty escalating sexually. Maybe you can relate. This document is the Holy Grail of sexual escalation, it covers, tonality, physicality, and exactly WHAT TO SAY in order to turn conversations sexual in person and online.
Who Is Aaron Alexander?
Hey what's up man? My journey begins like a lot of other men. Getting friend zoned CONSTANTLY, not having any kind of guidance when it came to meeting and attracting women. On top of being clueless to the dating game, I also was incredibly overweight and had no real purpose in life, no drive or ambition.

This caused me to turn to alcohol which made things even worse and sent me into a downward spiral of depression and anxiety that I never thought would end.

My friends started to dwindle, there were no women in my life and even worse I had NO IDEA how to attract a woman. My confidence was in the tank and it didn't look like I was getting out.

Until I discovered cold approach pickup... I was BLOWN AWAY that guys were going out SOBER with the sole purpose of meeting and sleeping with women. My brain was ON FIRE with the possibilities and I started taking action IMMEDIATELY.

The door was open, all I had to do was take the first step.

I started going out and meeting women, I started learning the art of having engaging conversations with women and I discovered how to lead these interactions to a place where I could be getting phone numbers from girls that actually wanted to meet up and I started GETTING LAID!

This was the catapult I needed to straighten out all of the other areas of my life as well. I quit the booze and I started taking care of my body. I dedicated my LIFE to THE GAME. Results got more and more consistent and the quality of woman I was able to attract continued to go up and up. I began coaching in 2006 since then I've traveled the world transforming the lives of thousands of men. 

This is truly my life's purpose. The only reason I'm here. Enjoy Panty Soaking Texts
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